Custom Suiting

Three Levels of Custom

AB Custom

An exciting start to the world of custom clothing.


A step up in form and function

Full Bespoke

The epitome of old-world luxury for a new age.

A.B. Custom

An exciting introduction to the world of custom clothing, tailoring at this level is made at a state-of-the-art factory that utilizes breakthrough technology to cut garments to the most exacting of measurements—in some cases, up to one eighth of a millimeter. This allows us to perfect fit and cut in ways most regular made-to-measure programs can not.

This top-of-the-line technology, combined with a vast range of potential customizations and unparalleled quality control, means that clients can receive a best-of-its-class suit in just four to six weeks at an unbeatable price.


Begin your custom clothing journey with a head start. 

  • A custom pattern created with 25 individual measurements and observations to create the most accurate fit possible. 
  • Your pattern will be created and stored digitally, ensuring it will never be destroyed or lost. 
  • Your pick from thousands of customization options and fabric choices.


A step up in form and function, our semi-bespoke garments are crafted with equal parts traditional hand making and modern machine work—a unique blend we affectionately call “half-handmade.” To provide clients with the best possible value, semi-bespoke garments are handcrafted in the areas where it matters most, such as the collar, armhole and sleeves, while areas that are less of a determinant factor on fit and feel are done by machine. 

Clients that elect for our semi-bespoke experience will first receive a muslin fitting, in which a try-on garment made from lightweight fabric stands in as a proxy garment for the suit itself, allowing for changes to be made before any fabric is cut. In sum, the process delivers finished garments in 6-8 weeks, at a level of quality that many in the industry would refer to as “bespoke.”

Enjoy the full range of A.B. Custom options with additional handwork and attention to detail. 

  • A hand-struck paper pattern created individually for each client.
  • Padded canvassing that improves the flexibility and breathability of each garment. Hand-set shoulders, collar, armhole, sleeves and hand-finishing. 
  • Half-handmade

Full Bespoke

The epitome of old-world luxury for a new age, our fully benchmade bespoke garments are made from A to Z by our in-house, New York City-based tailor with decades of experience in the trade. From the cutting of the cloth to the shaping of the chest and the sewing of the last button, every step in the garment’s creation is done by hand. Only a select handful of American, let alone New York, based tailors possess the skills and experience we offer in creating a true bespoke garment completely made locally, by a single tailor.

In a world where the terms “handmade” and “luxury” are at risk of losing their meaning, our full bespoke process serves as a vindication of their classical definitions. Garments are delivered in 12 weeks or more, to account for the more than 70 hours of handwork and labor required.

For the truly discerning individual, our fully bench-made suits exhibit an unparalleled level of handcrafted detail while achieving an incomparable fit. 

  • Fully Handmade by one individual—a single tailor works on the jacket and the pants.
  • Clients receive the ability to fully customize the garment to any specification imaginable. 
  • Extra fittings allow for the most minor and precise of alterations to achieve a truly ideal fit.

Where Questions Meet Answers

Custom clothing can be confusing—luckily, we’re not. If you have a question about our business or placing a commission, don’t hesitate to reach out through any of the channels below.


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