The Process

A fully personalized experience in the comfort of your own home or office.

Initial Consultation

The Alexander Black process begins with an initial consultation, which may be held in your home, office, or wherever you feel most comfortable. During this one-on-one experience, we will consult with the client to discover their individual needs for the garment, whether it is their first commission or 101st.

Once the client’s needs are realized, we will present them with a curated choice of fabrics—pulled from a potential pool of thousands—that will best fit the garment’s intended purpose and flatter the wearer’s complexion and physique. Afterward, we will take 25 precise, individual measurements and observations to assure the ideal fit.

First Fitting

Once we have received the suit, we will contact the client to set up a fitting. During this first fitting we will carefully review the fit and take note of any adjustments that are needed. 

Semi-bespoke clients will experience a muslin fitting at this stage, in which a lightweight fabric cut to the dimensions of their suit will stand in as a proxy for the final product. 

In the case of bespoke clients, the first fitting will arrive as a “basted fitting.” This means that the unfinished garment is held together by a delicate cotton thread that allows our tailor to easily deconstruct it and make any needed changes.

Second Fitting

The purpose of the second fitting is to confirm the adjustments made in the first. If no more alterations are needed, the client can take the garments directly home. But if more adjustments are required, this step will allow us to more precisely tailor it to the wearer’s distinct form.

For our bespoke clients, this step is referred to as the “forward fitting,” which provides the first opportunity to try on their nearly completed garments. In this stage, necessary adjustments can be made before the garment is prepared for finish.

Third Fitting

A third and final fitting is normally required for bespoke garments only. In this stage, clients will at last be able to try on the finished bespoke suit. If more alterations are required, this last stage will allow the garment to be adjusted accordingly—otherwise, the client can walk out with their perfectly fitted garments.

Where Questions Meet Answers

Custom clothing can be confusing—luckily, we’re not. If you have a question about our business or placing a commission, don’t hesitate to reach out through any of the channels below.


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